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To my clients, friends and associates,

As you know I don’t often send out group emails to scare anyone. But what has occurred last week has alerted me that as a service provider I feel obligated to inform you and clarify what was in the news.on May 12th 2017, as you have probably heard, a very destructive version of Ransom-Ware surfaced worldwide by the name of Wanna-cry. This Malware targets the most valuable asset we all have in our computer’s storage which is our very precious data. It is believed to encrypt one’s data on the main storage areas of the computer so the data is locked and is not accessible. It is believed to travel through email systems but it is possible that it also infiltrates through the web protocols also as well. It has been showing up mostly in large networks rather then the smaller outfits or individual users. But that doesn’t mean it won’t. The last generation of Wanna-Cry showed up on May 17th “Ransom Wannacry!gen3” and following it a series of additional Ransom-Ware popped up on the Cyber Space. Once that happens you get the “ransome note” (hence the name) and must pay them heavily to be able to retrieve your data. This type of Malware is here to stay and we need to protect our computers from it.

The image shown is what it looks like. When the Wanna-cry showed up it seemed to exploit a Microsoft service ” 1.0 (SMBv1)” on Windows Operating Systems. Microsoft introduced versions of patchessince March 2017 to remedy the threat.

Technically speaking when the original one showed up it seemed to exploit a service ”Microsoft Server Message Block 1.0 (SMBv1) server” on Windows Operating Systems. Microsoft introduced versions of patches since March 2017 to remedy this type of vulnerability. You have to make sure all Microsoft updates are applied on your workstation. Anti Virus agents and Malware protection software agents might or might not catch it before it attempts to get in to service/application “SMBv1”.

The best protection against this Malware is having an automatic backup that backs up to a highly secured data center / cloud that does not use the drive letter protocol of Microsoft (if there is no drive letter the Malware does not see the data). As mentioned the data center is a highly secured area that Malicious software can not enter.

If you aren’t sure which back-up you have, how to install the patch, or just feel insecure regarding your protection please respond to this email and let me know. If you know you don’t have proper back-up, TruBambu has a competent and very affordable annual back-up and protection bundle for you. It takes minutes to install and can save you hours of time and hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars should you be compromised.

Forrest M. Shenny

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