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It is imperative that a business gets the right type of computing technology right from the get go. Typically a micro or a small business owner purchases a system right off the shelf of a retail store or calls one of the manufacturers (as Dell, HP or Lenovo) and buys online. Most of the time the advice given is limited and frankly the seller is trying to get the deal and is not in the consulting or service business. Computing environments should be chosen based on the needs of a given user. There are hundreds of configurations available when purchasing a workstation. Choosing the right one for your applications is key to saving time and money down the road. That is why it is so important to get the right advice. So whether you are an individual user or a small business you need help as to what to buy.

Typically the life cycle of a workstation is four to five years but with some modifications (if it makes monetary sense) it can be prolonged as much as eight years. This life cycle can be maintained as long as the workstation has a strong security software, backup and maintenance at least once a year. All this can be accomplished by monitoring.

A serious computer user has to make sure that there is a reliable backup of key data files on the cloud and hopefully locally too. Data can be lost whether the workstation is functioning properly or not. It can be lost because of human error, temporary blockage in saving data, corruption etc. There are thousands of malicious software on the Internet, viruses and attempts to hack into computers to steal data. Strong security on a workstation is essential and has to be examined periodically. Updates have to be applied automatically or manually.

There are some very basic applications that every computer user needs. Microsoft Productivity Suite is the online affordable subscription that contains such applications as Outlook, Word, Power Point, Excel and many others. With that subscription the user receives upgrade assurance, application based security and much more. A user that is intending to fully take advantage of capabilities of computing should subscribe to those applications. When you subscribe to these through a Microsoft Partner such as TruBambu the price is the same, but you now have the expertise and assistance of a pro team.

You have several devices you are working with, a smart device, desktop workstation and a laptop. You need your data such as files, email, contacts and calendaring to synchronize across those devices and it is not working. You’ve  already spent hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars trying to fix that thing that isn’t working. Maybe your laptop is very sluggish and does not respond or your workstation just got infected with malware or a virus or every now and then your printer is off line and you don’t know why. You need your technology to work well so you can focus on what you do best which is your business. This is our expertise. Many of our long term clients have come to us from that exact scenario.

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