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What is the Internet telling potential customers about your business?

As a business owner you might be suffering from incorrect image or no image on the Internet at all. You are delivering quality service and products but when potential customers search for your services they get the wrong picture.

  • What is the story the Internet is telling them about your business?
  • Is there a story at all?
  • Is it positive?
  • You don’t know what is on the Internet about your busieness and you would like to know and manage it.
  • Is someone bashed you with a bad review?
  • The information about you is confusing?
  • You would like to get help to create online presence and make money.
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Here is three crucial and simple steps to online marketing that gets prospects to call you:

– Correct and current address and contact on all searches.
– Accurate and recent excellent reviews.
– Powerful content and strong visibility

Forrest Shenny – Owner – IT Proffesional

Imagine you are in a public place as a Dinner or a train and you are overhearing a couple of people sharing information about a Physical Therapists. They are Trying to decide which Physical Therapist to go to. They are on their smart devices finding out which has excellent reviews, which one is lesser then good or maybe bad. You are also hearing them saying things like “Look this one has a great page and this one over hear looks so dated!”.¬† Haven’t done any of your own business Internet search you decide to find out what your business looks¬† like on the Internet. You find out you don’t have any current reviews, your business can not be found on the Internet and your page is very outdated and does not have current information.

Wait we can help !!

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