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If you’ve clicked on this question you must have some issues regarding your computing environment or are just unsure about the kind of service you are getting. One of the biggest issues we hear from small business and the home-based user is uncertainty as to what they need and what is just “being sold to them”.

So here are a few quick answers.

Yes your small business can have IT stability.

Yes you can run your small business from anywhere.

Maximizing productivity can be done with some simple tweaks.

Yes all your devices and computers can work together.

And last, the Cloud – because it’s economical, simpler and ultimately more secure for your data.

Of course, those are the simple answers and you need to understand a bit more.

What makes TruBambu different from other computer services companies out there is we want you to understand why we recommend a particular hardware, software, appliance or upgrade. When you spend your precious technology dollars with us you will understand why and will see the results.

Today, even the home-based user has much more complicated issues to deal with as we all need our email data, calendaring and files to be synced to at least two probably three devices and regularly updated. In addition services that were only affordable to big business are now available at very reasonable pricing for you. When did that happen? While you were busy trying to fix your email, or working on a job, or on vacation. But you didn’t know because no one was looking out for you to inform you what was available. Then you read about the latest thing and its being offered by so many providers and you don’t know which way to go.

So we are introducing our free email newsletter subscriptions. TruBambu World of Knowledge will be a newsletter with valuable information you need to understand regarding your own IT. Written in an understandable format for the non-technical, it will have news items and developments you need to know or that we feel you’d like to hear about. Sharing Something New from TruBambu will be a more occasional email with promotional offers that we think are a good opportunity and a good deal for the home-based user and the small business. Together these two emails which will not be more than once per week, will keep you abreast of what is happening in IT, with the major players, with cyber-attacks and with your competition. In other words, the good, the bad and the necessary. Just enough information for you to judge and evaluate for yourself.

Forrest Shenny

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