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If you are not proactive in creating your online brand, the internet has created it for you and you probably don't like the results.

What is the Internet telling potential customers about your business? The old saying, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression" takes on a new meaning when you realize the first impression of your business or practice to the majority of potential customers is on the internet.

Here are some facts: 

  •  3.5 BILLION people search the internet DAILY. What percentage of them searched for your service or products in your area? How many calls did you get yesterday?
  • If your business is not getting traffic on the internet there is a reason for it. Do you have an advertising landing page (Funnel page)? Is it visible to local people or businesses that are looking for your service? When it is visible are they getting the right impression or information so they click through or call? If they do what do your reviews look like?
  • Did you know that 67% of consumers are influenced by online reviews?
  • Did you know that 4 negative reviews can cost you up to 70% of potential customers? 18% of local mobile searches lead to a sale within one day. 61% of mobile searchers are more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile friendly site.
  • Do you know how Google and Yelp can help you if used correctly?

    We Do! And we do it in the right order so when potential clients see you on the internet they get the best first impression possible.


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Here are the three crucial and simple steps to online marketing that gets prospects to call you:

– Correct and current address and contact on all listings.
– Recent excellent reviews.
– Powerful content with strong visibility.

As an IT professional and a marketing professional, we have both worked with the IT systems and internet presence of many clients. We didn’t understand why some venues worked for some businesses and not others. Why did some companies get top ranking on the search engines and directories, yet those searches did not convert to a call, online appointment or a sale? We decided to look at online marketing in a new light. After an extensive research we discovered a system (One Page Funnel Marketing) that made the most sense and was able to be used for almost any business. We happened to be starting to service a new client and as we applied this system to his practice we started to see that as good as this system was, some early steps were missing. This particular client had relocated and the information on the internet – Google, Yelp, and other proprietary sites – wasn’t up to date and wasn’t all accurate. We realized that even if your search optimization is very strong, just a bit of incorrect or confusing information or erroneous reviews, your advertising dollars will go to waste. Your SEO might be very strong and it won’t matter. We addressed this issue, which actually took some time, attention and many phone calls. Finally when we were done, before we even placed internet ads our client started getting calls and new business. We documented what we did and came up with a three step program to get results. As a result, this client is getting calls and new patients regularly.

What clients have to say


I've had the pleasure to work with Forrest Shenny of TruBambu and his team for the past four or five months. I can say without hesitation that they have been both conscientious and hard-working. Forrest has been willing to go the extra mile by leaving no stone unturned. My practice was in a serious slump with very little to no growth rate. Currently I am seeing more new patients than before. And even more importantly my activity on my new website that they created has increased significantly. I am confident my patient population will continue to grow. Moreover TruBambu monitors all of my activity online and gives me a detailed report on a regular basis of all activity.


Dr. Frank Colabella, D.P.M., MS - Crosstown Podiatry - www.crosstownpodiatry.com


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